Herongate Eviction Census

Between May and June, tenants in Herongate conducted a census of their neighbours facing eviction by Timbercreek. We've covered almost all of the 150 townhouses Timbercreek has said they want to demolish. The results, although unsurprising, are nevertheless heartbreaking. Hundreds of children. Close to 600 people in total for the 105 townhouses Timbercreek has said are occupied. And this is only Phase 2 of the largest eviction campaign in Canada. Phase 1 of the evictions, which took place in the middle of winter 2016, accounted for probably over 200 people, but we don't have data because it wasn't collected. We were sure to account for the numbers this time around.

June 30 Census


Source: 2018 Herongate Eviction Census