We Are Herongate – Issue 2

Systematic Racism and Inequality in Herongate

by Herongate Tenant Coalition

The story of the Herongate evictions represents a multitude of issues our city has been struggling to mitigate and directly address. Foremost, the ongoing privatization and subsequent gentrification of the area is something many of us noticed but never thought would affect our community so rapidly. Read More…

Neglect in Herongate

Full Video of June 2nd, 2018 Tenant Meeting

Watch the full Herongate Tenant Coalition meeting, including a talk by Leilani Farha from the United Nations on how forced evictions and displacement are a gross violation of human rights.

WE ARE HERONGATE is our regular online newsletter. It features photos and videos with residents of Herongate, articles written by residents and allies, and facts about our neighbourhood.

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Timbercreek Neglected Herongate

Herongate Tenant Coalition Ottawaby Ikram Dahir
My family and I first started our lives in Canada right in this neighbourhood in 1991. We started living at the Baycrest building and as our family grew we later moved to Sandalwood. My four brothers and I grew up here and met some very important people in our lives here. We are one big family in this community and this is the reason behind why we are very strong about our decision in staying here. Read More…


Neal Rockwell is an artist, journalist and media activist based in Montreal. He is collaborating with the Herongate Tenants Coalition to create multimedia documentation of the lives and living conditions of Herongate residents. He is also working on a skillshare with tenants to help develop media and documentary skills. Notebook is his ongoing feature, which includes a mixture of written observations and interviews, photographs and short video clips. 

I returned to Herongate on Sunday, May 27. I met up with Josh at Shawarma Home and we made our way to the housing complex. The day was warm; the weather was a mix of sun and cloud. Some residents were out working in their gardens, so apart from the trash, the overall environment was calm and pleasant. Read More…