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The Leveller –  Heron Gate residents suffer from a legacy of poor maintenance and landlords’ use of a municipal committee to overturn bylaw orders

The Leveller – The Neoliberal City and the Gentrification of Herongate: How Ottawa promotes business interests over working people under the auspices of urban revitalization

Briarpatch – Invested in crisis

Briarpatch – The battle for Heron Gate: Organizing from the ground up to fight one of the largest eviction campaigns in the country

Nosy Mag: Visions of Herongate: A Conversation with Photographer Daniel Effah

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The Monitor, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, page 19 – The right to a home in the city

Groundwire Community News Radio – Stopping the Mass evictions in Ottawa | Neal Rockwell, CKUT  (starts at 17:20)

Huffington Post – We Can’t Turn A Blind Eye To Investment Firms Preying On Low-Income Homes

CBC – Gas severed to Heron Gate residents days before evictions

CBC – Mayor meets with Heron Gate tenants facing eviction

CBC – Heron Gate eviction violates human rights law, United Nations advocate says

CBC – Heron Gate evictions a human rights issue, says housing advocate

CBC – Heron Gate tenants prepare to launch human rights challenge to mass evictions

CBC RADIO – Ottawa Morning – Heron Gate Eviction

Radio-Canada – Des résidents d’Heron Gate, menacés d’expulsion, dénoncent l’état de leurs logements

Radio-Canada – Expulsion de locataires à Heron Gate : un rassemblement prévu contre le promoteur

Ottawa Citizen – Lawsuit alleges Timbercreek failed to act on repeated maintenance requests

Ottawa Citizen – Evicted Heron Gate residents file human rights complaint over landlord’s ‘hyper-gentrification’

Ottawa Citizen – As Heron Gate deadline looms, a few determined souls linger

Ottawa Citizen – Battle lines drawn in Heron Gate, where an evicted community doesn’t plan on leaving

Leilani Farha on Herongate on the Rick Gibbons Show (starts at 29:10)


Ricochet – Tenant coalition fighting evictions in Ottawa told to ‘cease and desist’

Ricochet – The brutal economic logic of Ottawa’s Heron Gate evictions

Carleton University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Carleton Profs and Students Research Recent Herongate Evictions


Social (In)justice and Rental Housing Discrimination in Urban Canada: The Case of Ethno-racial Minorities in the Herongate Community in Ottawa – Joseph Mensah and Daniel Tucker-Simmons

Financialized gentrification, demoviction, and landlord tactics to demobilize tenant organizing – Andrew Crosby

Challenging the Narrative of Canadian Multicultural Benevolence: A Feminist Anti-Racist Critique – Marina Gomá

The financialization of Canadian multi-family rental housing: From trailer to tower – Martine August

Immigrants’ Sense of Belonging in Diverse Neighbourhoods and Everyday Spaces – Lily Xia

Uneven Development, Discrimination in Housing and Organized Resistance – Nima Hussein and Josh Hawley


Demanding the Right to the City and the Right to Housing (R2C/R2H): Best Practices for Supporting Community Organizing – Martine August and Cole Webber

The Leveller – Fighting Housing Displacement through Community Organizing: Report Highlights Importance of Radical Approaches to Tenant Rights