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Statistics sourced using CHASS Canadian Census Analyzer, the 2021 Census Profile table and the 2016 Census Profile table. Key variables (population stats, demographics, housing characteristics, income) were gathered at the level of aggregated dissemination areas.

Table 1. Value of Assets and Number of Units for Financialized Landlords

CompanyValue of Canadian Multi-Family Assets (CAD billion)# of Units
Avenue Living315,487
Mainstreet Equity Corp.2.816,000
GWL Realty Advisors Residential2.569,600
Oxford Properties2.16,303
COGIRNo Data20,000
QuadRealNo Data12,000
CrespointNo Data2,285

Table 2: Sources for Determining Financialized Rental Property Ownership in Canada.

CompanyProperty List Source
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Landlord Profiles

Note: Canada’s estimated professionally managed global real estate investment market size, according to finance company MSCI, is $551.7 billion.1 Based on this figure, more than 16% of the entire Canadian professionally managed real estate sector is represented by these landlords.2

Akelius Residential Property AB is a publicly-traded company based in Sweden. Akelius’s Canadian portfolio includes 8,834 rental units, valued at $3.28 billion.3 Their Canadian properties comprise 36% of the value of their entire portfolio, which includes holdings in the United States and Europe.4

Avenue Living manages Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust and the Avenue Living Real Estate Opportunity Trust and is based in Calgary. Avenue’s portfolio includes 15,487 rental units valued at approximately $3 billion.5

Boardwalk REIT is a publicly-traded company based in Calgary.6 Boardwalk’s portfolio includes 33,934 rental units valued at $7.3 billion.7

CAPREIT is a publicly-traded company based in Toronto.8 CAPREIT’s portfolio includes 47,300 residential units in Canada,9 valued at an estimated $12 billion.10

Centurion Asset Management Inc. manages the private REIT Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as well as the Centurion Financial Trust (CFIT) and is based in Toronto. Centurion’s portfolio includes 20,457 rental units valued at $5.7 billion.11

COGIR manages the Cogir Real Estate Investment Fund and is based in Montreal. The company’s “clients and partners have varied profiles and include pension funds, insurance companies, public companies, financial institutions, and local and foreign private funds.”12 COGIR’s portfolio includes over 20,000 rental units.13 No value for COGIR’s residential rental assets has been found.

Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd. is owned by Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group Co., the ninth largest money manager in Canada.14 Crestpoint’s portfolio includes 2,285 rental units.15

GWL Realty Advisors Inc. owns GWL Realty Advisors Residential and is based in Toronto. The company manages the Great-West Life Real Estate Fund (also known as the Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund No. 1) and the London Life Real Estate Fund. The company states: “Our clients are primarily pension funds and institutional and retail clients for whom we manage a diversified portfolio of assets.”16 GWLRA’s portfolio includes 9,600 rental units17 valued at $2.56 billion.18

Hazelview Investments manages the Hazelview Global Real Estate Fund and is based in Toronto.19 Hazelview’s portfolio includes 24,000 rental units valued at $11.7 billion.20

InterRent REIT is a publicly-traded company based in Ottawa. InterRent’s portfolio includes 12,689 rental units21 valued at an estimated $2.74 billion.22

Killam Apartment REIT is a publicly-traded company based in Halifax. Killam’s portfolio includes 19,484 rental units23 valued at $4.81 billion.24

Lanesborough REIT is a publicly-traded company based in Winnipeg. Lanesborough’s portfolio includes 1,263 rental units valued at $124.31 million.25

Lankin Investments manages Pulis Real Estate LP2 and the Pulis Real Estate Trust and is based in Woodbridge. Lankin’s portfolio includes 1,250 units valued at $500 million.26

Mainstreet Equity Corp. is a publicly-traded company based in Calgary. Mainstreet’s portfolio includes approximately 16,000 rental units valued at $2.8 billion.27

Minto REIT is a publicly-traded company in Ottawa. Minto’s portfolio includes 8,291 rental units28 valued at $2.7 billion.29

Oxford Properties is owned by pension fund Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System and is based in Toronto. Oxford’s portfolio includes 6,303 rental units30 valued at $2.1 billion.31

Q Management LP (QMLP) is a partnership between Conundrum Capital Corporation and Manulife Asset Management Private Markets and is based in Toronto. QMLP’s portfolio includes 5,234 rental units valued at $1.3 billion.32

QuadReal Property Group is owned by pension fund British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) and is based in Vancouver. QuadReal’s portfolio includes over 12,000 rental units.33 No value for QuadReal’s residential rental assets has been found.

Realstar Group manages Realstar Apartment Partnership, described as “a series of investment vehicles in which the principals have partnered with a small group of Canadian pension funds and select HNWs”34 and is based in Toronto. Realstar’s portfolio includes 22,000 rental units valued at $5 billion.35

Skyline Group of Companies owns Skyline Apartment REIT and is based in Guelph. Skyline’s portfolio includes 22,259 rental units valued at $4.76 billion.36

Starlight Investments manages publicly listed companies, private funds, and institutional partnerships, including True North Commercial REIT, Starlight U.S. Residential Funds, Northview Canadian High Yield Residential Fund and Starlight Capital Funds,37 and is based in Toronto. Starlight’s “longest standing partner” is Public Sector Pension Investments (PSP), a crown corporation.38 Starlight’s portfolio includes 65,941 rental units39 valued at $16 billion.40

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