We Are Herongate – Issue 3

Youth Are Giving Back… And Now They Want Us Out

It takes a generation to get settled and build a community. Just as the young professionals are now inspired to give back to their community, Timbercreek and the City of Ottawa want to destroy our community. But we've come together to fight these unjust evictions. We are not going to let them destroy our tight-knit and healthy community.

WE ARE HERONGATE is our regular online newsletter. It features photos and videos with residents of Herongate, articles written by residents and allies, and facts about our neighbourhood.

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  1. DO NOT sign anything Timbercreek gives you. If you do, you will give Timbercreek the right to evict you.
  2. You DO NOT have to move out.
  3. Despite what Timbercreek is telling you, THEY HAVE NOT HAD ANY PERMITS APPROVED BY THE CITY OF OTTAWA. The demolition permits will not be approved until all essential services have been cut. They cannot cut essential services while the houses are still occupied.
  4. Timbercreek must obtain building and demolition permits from the City of Ottawa. Timbercreek has applied for them, but we can force the City to deny these permits.
  5. To evict a tenant, Timbercreek must apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board, only they can order an eviction. First there is hearing. It takes a long time.
  6. The more vocal and public you are about this injustice, the more power you have.
  7. Forced evictions and mass displacement of a community are GROSS violations of human rights. We have the RIGHT to stay in our neighbourhood. But we have to FIGHT FOR THIS RIGHT.
  8. WE WILL WIN IF WE STICK TOGETHER. There is strength in numbers. Organizing makes us stronger. Join us!
  9. Come to our meetings and meet with our lawyers and professionals who are helping us. They will tell you about your rights.

Herongate Tenant Coalition is an organization exclusively of tenants in the Herongate neighbourhood. We are organizing to defend our neighbourhood. Join us!

herongatetc@gmail.com • 613-415-6822 • Stop the evictions! No demolition!

Send a Letter of Support for Herongate Tenants

Post to social media and send to your email listservs. We are demanding to STOP THE EVICTIONS and that we have the right to stay in our neighbourhood and prevent the destruction of a very tight-knit, low-income and racialized community from being torn apart. Read More…

The Faces of Herongate

These are the faces of the community Timbercreek and the City of Ottawa want to destroy. Some families have lived here for decades; others less than a year. But we all make up the wonderful, vibrant community that is Herongate. It takes years to build a strong, tight-knit community. Now the rich and powerful in Ottawa want us out so they can build luxury apartments.

We will fight to the end to save our entire community from complete erasure. We are fighting to defend Herongate.