Timbercreek Neglected Herongate

Ikram Dahir

Ikram Dahir has lived here for 27 years.

by Ikram Dahir

My family and I first started our lives in Canada right in this neighbourhood in 1991. We started living at the Baycrest building and as our family grew we later moved to Sandalwood. My four brothers and I grew up here and met some very important people in our lives here. We are one big family in this community and this is the reason behind why we are very strong about our decision in staying here.

When Timbercreek took this property over as their own everything went downhill. Timbercreek did not fulfill their work orders and if they did they only did what was cost efficient. If you submitted a work order and it wasn’t fulfilled the answer you got was we didn’t receive a work order. They are quick to take money out of your account and not even keep the neighbourhood clean. The pool has not been open for years or even cleaned. Timbercreek chooses not to keep up with the cleanliness of the neighbourhood. Timbercreek enjoys spending money on the look of the outer appearance in order to get new tenants. Timbercreek neglected these homes beyond belief and now they want us to pay for the consequences and lose not only a home but a family.

Also to add to no maintenance work being done, they continue to provide the worst service. Timbercreek is abusive to their tenants starting from the front reception all the way up to the managers. The staff at Timbercreek take advantage and abuse any tenants who speak english poorly or even have the smallest accent. Some of these tenants are even afraid to go to the office without translation because of the way they will be treated. There were numerous times that I witnessed Timbercreek treat their tenants like garbage left outside a curb. They not only neglected the homes but the buildings as well. Timbercreek have changed the look of the buildings but they are infested with cockroaches, mice, and bedbugs. Timbercreek neglected these homes and they are willing to go against human rights law to make any dollar they can.

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