Stand with Herongate

Stop the Evictions – Stop the Destruction of Ottawa’s Most Diverse Neighbourhood

Timbercreek and the City of Ottawa’s Plan for Herongate :

  • Evict all families and low-income people from Herongate

  • Destroy Ottawa’s most diverse neighbourhood

  • Build one and two-bedroom “resort-style” luxury apartments

  • Replace low-income and new-canadian families from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere with young, wealthy, single people and couples

  • Lie to the families of Herongate OVER and OVER again as they move us from one house to the other before destroying all homes in SEVEN to TEN YEARS

They said they tried to consult us about the future of Herongate, even when they knew they would be destroying our homes and kicking us out. We didn’t respect their process because we knew it was all one big lie.

The tenants of Herongate have been abused by Timbercreek for too long. Our homes need fixing. Our common areas need cleaning. Our rents are too expensive. Property managers harass us and use intimidation techniques.

We are not leaving our neighbourhood. Herongate was built by its residents, not some “asset managers” from Toronto. Timbercreek may own the land, but they are nothing more than that. We are the community and the spirit of Herongate! Now is the time to stand with the residents of Herongate!

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